standard George Orwell’s Vision (Video)

George Orwell’s Vision

Lots of people bring up mind control, freedom, the press, and all of the above jibberish that goes along with knowing how the world works, or how it should work in theory, anyway.

The film below is very revealing as far as big media, politics, and mind control are concerned.

George Orwell would be jealous

The video is about 3 hours long so if you don’t have time to watch it I could care less because I didn’t make it, but I will tell you this, its got lots of goodies in it.

The content offers very interesting revelations about how the media actually helps to further the agenda of what I am going to call the shadow government.

This is real reporting, actual news from the 3rd world of independent film which covers the murder of news stories, and truth.

I must warn you, Michael Moore’s fat nasty ass will be spotted in the movie a few times so please, don’t judge me.

Only god can judge me.

George Orwell’s Vision

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