standard Fukushima – The Horrible Truth

The tragic Fukushima incident in Japan continues to get worse with no end in site. After the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, General Electric built nuclear reactors began to fail miserably resulting in an unprecedented nuclear meltdown whose effects are being seen trickling into some parts of California as of 2013.


In fact, ever since 2011, over 300-400 tons of highly radioactive water is pouring into the Pacific ocean each day according to pediatrician and author Helen Caldicott.

SGT feels there is no best case scenario but we beg to differ. We’ve got robots! Why haven’t the robots, we all know the government has, aren’t being utilized to clean up this nuclear mess up for the Japanese allies?

Answer: The Japanese mafia has been recruiting homeless people and mental patients to clean up the nuclear waste and the Japs have also declined to hire world renown experts to help because of Japanese pride.

I’ll always look at fried shrimp differently from now on. C’mon Japan! Get it together!

As far as Japanese radiation being detected on the west coast of the United States, it appears that the Federal Marxist Government of the United States hasn’t begun testing the air, water, or fish in areas likely to be impacted. This inaction on part of the U.S. has resulted in people independently buying their own Gieger Counters to test for radioactivity.

God bless everyone eating Sushi imported from Japan, you might be radioactive.

Fukushima – The Horrible Truth

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