standard Freedom Ain’t Fair, Fairness Ain’t Freedom

The Fairness Hallucination

You hear it all the time, “that’s not fair”, give me a break. Life isn’t fair. If it was, then we would all be able to do exactly what we wanted, buy whatever we wanted, go wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted to.  If you could embrace that understanding then it must be obvious that no matter how hard you try and regardless of what lengths you exhaust, a fair society is impossible amidst a free one.

In a free society I am free to be smarter than you, make more money than you,  and make more mistakes than you. For whatever it may be worth, we are far better off free than fair.


Money Should Never be Fair

This is where we are the most susceptible to the stupidity of the idea of a “fair” society. The idea of a fair society is nothing more than an evil cancer to anyone with exceptional skills, creativity,  and the ambition for greatness.

Lets be real about it, ambition and greatness usually equal money. The only potential problem with becoming great or achieving the goals that may have sparked the initial ambition is the money that the success may bring in. This would only be a problem if we were forced to live under fairness by the gunpoint of law.


The Stupidity of The Fair Idea

Imagine if fairness was enforced by law.

  • There would never be a first place winner.
  • Everyone’s car would have to have a speed governor.
  • Everyone would be forced to eat the same amount of food.
  • Everyone would have to earn the same amount of money because its not fair for you to earn more than me.
  • We may even have to hide our intelligence levels from others because it may not be fair to others who may lack creativity.

To my surprise, as I was writing the above bullet points it dawned on me how insane things could get. To be fair, we’re gonna need some unfairness.


The Correct place of fairness in a free society

The best place for fairness in our society, or any other society, is in the courtroom, within the law and sentencing. Ask a black man if the justice system is fair, better yet, ask a judge or a lawyer. You may be surprised with the answers you get, or maybe not.

A fair legal system, which we don’t have, is the only acceptable mainstay for fairness and to expand on that, sentencing & execution of law enforcement.

Execution meaning that no one was ever tried for 9/11, no one has been to jail for the Facebook Stock Basefooking of investors, and the illegal Federal Reserve continues to operate and if you go into an airport and wanna travel on a plane, you have to be damn near molested by the TSA to get on a flight.

I think we should work to make sure the law is fairly executed, nothing more. You think Bernie Madoff was treated fairly? Of coarse not. He went to jail alone.

I prefer the danger of freedom than imprisonment by fairness any day.


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Freedom Ain’t Fair, Fairness Ain’t Freedom

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