standard Free Energy, Homemade Solar Panel & Wind Turbine

Homemade Solar panel and wind turbine?

Building my own homemade power plant is something I’m going to have to try. If the man in the video (below) can pull this off I know darn well we all can.

Seems like fun.

Few concepts beat the idea of giving the power companies the finger and gravitating to home made DIY energy independence. As a Houston resident, memories of Hurricane Ike come to mind when reminiscing on those struggling to buy gasoline to power their generators which makes for a regretful lack of knowledge when a handy, do it yourself, naturally powered electricity generator can be built.

The one thing that trips me out is that the power companies have not started railing against these DIY engineers of free electricity systems and it doesn’t appear to be any laws against this sort of criminal activity yet. Wait till the demons in Washington D.C. find out about this. Not only would you not be allowed to catch your own rain water, but you probably won’t be able to capture your own wind or sunlight either. Although an attempt at sarcasm, my only regret is that it kinda makes sense based on the current rate of power grabs demonstrated by the sell out governments of so called “free people”

Let me say this, if you are going to make a video as valuable as having a way for the common man to free himself from the utility grid, at least take some effort to produce, at bare minimum, a half crappy video.

Free Energy, Homemade Solar Panel & Wind Turbine

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