standard Farrakhan: The Dumbing Down of The American People

There’s no way I could ever be Muslim, but I listen to Minister Farrakhan every time I can because the man speaks truth, wisdom, and downright tells it like it is.

You Are Paying For An Education System That Deliberately Dumbs Down Your Children

After the formalities, which the uploader should have edited out, Farrakhan dives into the subject of all Americans being dumbed down to usher in a New World Order. Black, White, and all the other color codes of people the rainbow spectrum are being equally dumbed down.

Farrakhan: The Dumbing Down of The American People


In classic Farrakhan style he attacks the New World Order, and the move towards world government. this video was filmed back in 1997.

Talk about foresight.

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Farrakhan: The Dumbing Down of The American People

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  • ann halloway

    The overall issue of everything we’re dealing with here
    is the synagogue of satan. I lived in
    Jordan for 5 years, from ’94 until ’99, and what was very unfortunate was that
    a number of men living there were free-masons.
    Since Amman was a very small city, I was able to get around it quite
    easily. I had met several of them
    through meetings I had attended because I was curious at that time to see what
    free-masonry was about, not knowing the sinister context of it all. Although the meetings that I had attended
    were about helping others, I could tell there were subliminal messages in place. When I looked into the eyes of these
    free-masons, I could see that something was out of place, to say the least, not
    knowing what, but that something was very strange. These men all had the same “aura” about them,
    for lack of a better word.

    At that time, a man, and I can’t recall his name, became
    Prime Minister of Jordan. A good friend
    of mine told me that this Prime Minister literally begged & pleaded with
    King Hussein not to send him to Israel for “training.” What this training was

    I do not know. But
    judging from the other free-mason’s eyes I had seen, I could tell it was
    something very sinister. It was a well
    -known fact that the government officials in Jordan were free-masons. Not everyone in free-masonry is directly
    involved with the satanic agenda. There was a free-mason who put his hand over
    mine a few inches away, and heat emanated from his hand. This was, I am sure,
    the seething energies of satan. Many,
    many people are under a spell and don’t even know it.

    I sort of infiltrated them of sorts and was able to get
    that these men carried a lot of sorrow around.
    Their eyes were “glassy” and it was clear to me after a while that these
    men had lost their souls to satan. I
    have always had this ability to see right through people.

    One day I was having problems with my computer. One of my friends sent her cousin to take a
    look at it. While he was looking at the
    computer, he had stated to me that a Sheikh in a local mosque recently told the
    Muslim congregation, “don’t touch their hands!”
    & “to stay clear away from them!”
    We looked at each other & shook our heads, saying why would this
    sheikh sow discord between the Muslims & Christians. Little did I know at the time was that God
    was guiding me to see the bigger picture.
    As I look back on it now, and with all I now know, I realized that this
    sheikh could not elaborate on what he announced because he would have been

    As I traveled the land, I noticed that people of the
    country seemed to project an image of a robotic nature. They were not really “aware.” I couldn’t really pin-point it at the time,
    but it seemed that most people were connected in some way under the same brain

    I then came back to the States and seemed to have found
    the same thing here.

    I have attended interfaith groups at various locations,
    mosques, churches and synagogues. One
    day a catholic priest looked straight at my eyes and sent an aura across the
    room at me. All I know is it stopped
    dead in its tracks before it hit me.

    Maybe my body rejected this mass on its own, I don’t
    know. But then he sent me another
    one. This time I believe that it entered
    my body. This priest had the most evil
    eyes I have ever seen when I looked into them.
    They were of a sort of lime color mixed with a little aqua…..very
    strange…. a color I had never seen
    before. And I am certain from the evil
    emanating from him he was possessed. As
    everyone was leaving, the priest stood at the door and touched everyone when
    they walked out with his fingertip on their back. I knew something was going on, although I
    didn’t know exactly what. I have a great
    cousin who is very knowledgeable & who I am very close to. He in the following days called on a sheikh
    he knew to visit him at his house with me in attendance. The sheikh had with him some holy water that
    the Quran was read on and had me drink it.
    After I drank the water, I felt a noticeable tingling in my left
    leg. The sheikh asked me if I felt
    something leaving my body. After a few
    moments had passed, I could feel something eject itself from my body.

    I soon began to realize what this was all about. The catholic priests, rabbis are using the practice of Black Magic &
    the DJinn/Jinn, since the time of Suleiman (Solomon) to control the minds of
    the populations all over the world. The
    Vatican is quite knowledgeable in all this since its inception in Rome.

    A while back, a friend of mine stated that a strange man
    came up to her father in Jordan & said he would pay him top dollar to use
    his excavating equipment in search of something in a particular field of
    Jordanian land, which he did not specify.
    This stranger had a very old map with him. After digging deeply into the dirt, the
    search generated a pile of old books.
    The stranger hurriedly plucked up the books, and disappeared into the
    night. The father could see that they
    were books of sorcery and he was certain this stranger was a Jew. They are using the information of books on
    black magic to put curses on people. One
    of the ways they’re doing this is by putting curses in the waters of the

    There are many videos on you tube that sheikhs have been
    putting out, in English, to warn the masses. But nobody is paying attention.

    Look up videos about djinn/jinn possession & ruqyah
    (healing) from the reliable sheikhs. Do
    you realize what TV & cell phone air wave connections, etc. are really for?

    Throughout the Quran, it continually warns us about the
    vices of shaitan, and that it warns us that shaitan & his army is an open enemy to us.

    1.Islamic magic spirit: in Islamic tradition, a spirit
    that can take on various human and animal forms and makes mischievous/evil use
    of its supernatural powers.

    In light of all of this, one of you good friends who is
    very good at researching information needs to get on this and do the research,
    and inform the populations.

    This is the major issue that we are all up against.

    btw, I, in no way intended to offend any religion, but
    from my experiences stated above, I feel people really need to wake up &
    pay attention to what’s happening. the bible doesn’t really offer an
    explanation to any of this, and that is why many people are not aware of it.
    however it does talk about the synagogue of satan.

    And more importantly, this is why I do not shake hands or
    give hugs to anyone, especially if they are strangers.

  • ann halloway
    • Reading your other comment on that post now. Thank you!