standard Facebook Timeline Hate Levels: Passionate

I can’t believe those Zuckerbergian skanks pull this crap. They are totally raping the Facebook experience after I had been sucked in via the user experience and after the investment I have made into account.

I don’t have a lot of uploads, but I have contributed to the growth of the site by updating my status. This is the thanks I get?

This is on par with Yahoo sucking up Yahoo Mail, of which I have found a way to get back to Classic Yahoo Mail so its all good thus, my intense passionate hate to the death of Yahoo, has subsided. But Facebook, oh no, those bastards must DIE!

The Facebook timeline looks good, and that’s it.

To add a little depth to complaint…

  • I have to scroll more often as the content blocks have been expanded to take up more screen space.
  • There is more content above the fold (prior to scrolling down) on each page now, all cluttered together which seems to make none of the content on users pages interesting anymore.
  • I experience the much hating feeling of waiting for shit to load when I scroll down the pages.
  • The only option to switch back to the old Facebook design (that I know of) is FaceBook Timeline Removal which isn’t a true option to switch back at all, its more of a way to manipulate your browser by downloading software, which I hardly recommend.
  • The left side of my brain twitches uncontrollably, in new ways, when looking at the Facebook timeline.
  • People I may know,…. Gone.
  • It adds absolutely nothing to the user experience and reaches new heights in the quest for total suckification.
  • All the stupid little app requests, that I never respond to, that lurk in the sidebar column, gone.

I will say that I think the Facebook timeline is great for “Pages” but I personally hate it for personal profiles, and even more the option of not being available to switch back to the feed-style view.

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Also, check out this post at this blog I found when looking for pictures for this post, it has a much richer rant about the Facebook Timeline that I may as well share because its good, and it features bitching and moaning about topics re;ating to the Facebook Timeline I didn’t even touch. 5 Reasons To Hate The New Facebook Timeline

Hate Level For The Facebook Timeline: Passionate

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