standard On Occupy Wall Street

You don’t do a revolution, then stop it for clean up, then start again. WTF, are you kidding me?

In a revolution the cops join your side, not push you back and brutalize you, those cops should have had their asses handed to them.
America is getting woosified and weak.

Stay 2nd Amendment.

There will be no revolution without bloodshed. End of story. Unless you want a false revolution to make you feel like you did something important. lol.

The Occupy Movement should disband, find a leader and a documentable cause, then start again. They should also bring their guns, like the Black Panthers did, and then we got something going on that’s real, otherwise, gimme a break.

Any change (which I doubt will happen) caused by the Occupy Movement will be terrible for the future. Some of those people are crazed communists in socialist garb.

The idea of the 99% is that same as Bush saying, you are either with us, or with the terrorists. I am in the 5 percent. 5% of the people have the knowledge that the 1% don’t want to reveal to the other 94%.

The worse type of coward is the bootlicker of public opinion and societal norms.

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