standard Iran Needs Nukes For Safety

The reason why the establishment doesn’t want a nuclear Iran is because it would deter US Invasion, thus, messing up the long arranged plans for global hegemonic bitch slapping.


Can you blame Iran for wanting Nukes?


We have invaded damn near all of their neighbors. I would nuke up as fast as possible If I were Iran to prevent war with the US.


I am not saying I am either pro, nor anti Iran, but damn, they have no other option it seems. If I was an Iranian, I would demand nukes to get the respect of the Americans and to prevent my country from being destroyed.


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  • You sound more like a complete moron than anything else “Viz”.

    • Melissa S

      LMAO!  Spoken like someone who spends way too much time in front of the TV being brainwashed by main stream media!

    •  Don’t get your panties in a bunch. You act as if I did a research article or something. I highly advise you to not use this as my official stance on the matter.

  • nukethemall

     World War III coming soon …..

    • I sure hope not.

      Finest Regards