standard Facebook Already Helps Stalkers Know Where You Are

Facebook the Bacefook of The Socially Hooked

Seems like Facebook is growing up to be the little brother that big brother has always dreamed about.

Not only does the social networking trap come fully loaded with social networking, apps to bait you into revealing your privacy, and automated facial recognition technology, its also prepackaged with software designed and ready to track your location and movements. If you didn’t know that Facebook is already laced like tennis shoes with GPS technology then you shouldn’t be using it. Never use tools that you don’t understand. What you don’t know can kill you.

Facebook the Bacefook of The Socially Hooked

Who is Facebook kidding?

The thing that has us at VizFact Dot Com amazed, is that they actually rolled out a newer version  of it for the public. Lets call it what they called it, “testing”.

(The chance that the use of the word testing may lead people to think this new, and not [probably] over 5 years old and already active, makes me nauseous.)

You call it, the Facebook Stalker App

I call it a “test run” to see if people would be cool with the idea of having your whereabouts publicly broadcasted.

If you don’t think this mechanism was ready to go in time for the mass roll out of smartphones then you have obviously been living life under a rock for the past 10 years as big brother is springing up (with its dirty claws) all around us. Not to mention the food chain behind the advent of Facebook has slimy tentacles stretching all the way to the CIA, and the Department of Defense.

Who are they kidding this app is running and has been running for quite some time now. If you log into Facebook from any device at or near a “place” registered with Facebook, your timeline shows you were there anyway.

The idea that this whole “Facebook New World Order Mark of The Beast Tracking” thing is “new” shows we “as a society” are even dumber than I thought. And I can be a real pessimist on these issues.

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Thou Shalt Not Buy or Sell…… Unless you have a Facebook account. LAWL! HaHA!

Facebook Already Helps Stalkers Know Where You Are

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