standard Facebook Goes Down!

Facebook Website Unavailable?

1:53am CST

Oh my God. I have never seen anything like this before. Facebook’s website unavailable?

"We've Gone Down"


I was updating a post in the forum and noticed when I tried to share a topic – Facebook was down!

I got in touch with our co-admin and she noticed it too, we were both like, Huh?

“Nothing like this has ever happened before.”

I can’t wait to find out what happened.

This post will be updated when we get news of what went down, if anything.


Update: 1:59am CST

Seems the site is sluggish, jagged and un-user-friendly.

I sure hope this isn’t the mass “roll out” of the unimpressive, oppressive Timeline feature, because I don’t want it.


Update: 2:14am CST

Seems that the news feed is back up and running, but as of now, its a piss poor user experience and I don’t think it was something caused internally, not that I have any data or sources, I just don’t see why Facebook would cause its own network to have hiccups and problems. They do test things out before they launch them so this was probably some kind of attack.

I do recall hearing about lots of dirty promises made by Anonymous – maybe this has something to do with it?


Update: 2:28am CST

OK,…… Seems Facebook is working fine now. Cool!

I wonder how many lives this ruined and how many cell phones went nuts during this event.

Facebook Website Unavailable?

Comment Using Facebook

  • Facebook

    I could still login, but very very very slow.

    • Guest1111111111

      It wont let me even log in…

      •  its working slightly at the moment…

    •  Slow and sad, I hardly think Facebook did this to themselves.

  • Haroon Mughal


    • Guest1111111111

      Do you know when?

  • Guest1111111111

    Does anybody know when facebook will be working again? Do you think it will work again tonight???

  • Guest222222222

    Does anybody know when facebook will be back up???

  • Melissa S

    LOL!!  Facebook goes down for 90 minutes and people completely freak out. Mind control at its finest.

    •  lol, girl you are bad!

      • Melissa S

        You know it’s true. If people are getting that flipped out over the fact that FB is down for awhile, perhaps they need to get a life. You know, do something constructive like pick up a book 🙂