standard Facebook Dethrones Google as the #1 Website

It has happened, as sure as I was thinking to myself, “I spend too much time on Facebook” I noticed it was number 1 ranked on Alexa (I have a browser widget that tells me these things. I won’t have you think I am actively checking this crap.).


Seems the CIA has outdone themselves this time. Literally.


Seeing as this hasn’t been reported, and the Alexa ratings just updated, I’d like to take liberties in politely saying;




Hehe now there we’re done with that little love gloat you can go check history in the making at Alexa, or either  glaze over the goodies below.


Facebook on Alexa

Google on Alexa


Its official and you heard about it First on VizFact Dot Com.

Facebook, properly pronounced Basefook, is the king of the webs.


Clearly Google+ has failed, Google should have focused more on socializing YouTube natively instead of forcing people into that Google+ crap.

G+ next to Facebook just doesn’t stand a chance, that’s why they sell it as “different” kinda like how they call ugly babies unique.

This could have massive implications for the way the web is looked at and engaged. So much for search.

Your thoughts?

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