standard Evolution, The Anti Science (Video)

Evolution looks silly when Faced with Facts

“Fo’ the love of science I tell you” I love this subject to death!

No atheists were harmed during the creation of this post.

I love to hang out at that “Google owned video sharing site” from time to time and when I find goodies, I like to share them.

I bet you won’t see this on the Science Channel.

See Programming of Life

Besides, it beats giving free content to the social networks so why not discuss evolution away from the evil clutches of the powers that be.



Behold, citizens of the universe!

I present The Anti Science: Evolution


Wasn’t it great?

The narrator was certainly up on his “mechanics for the performing of prudent science” to a level of profundity on par with the conceptualized nudity of the intellect in mainstream academia.

There is absolutely no evidence that one living thing can come from another different kind of living thing or that a living thing can come from a non-living thing. End of story.

If they can sell you evolution, they can sell you genocide.

Evolution looks silly when Faced with Facts

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  • keen

    “There is absolutely no evidence that one living thing can come from
    another different kind of living thing or that a living thing can come
    from a non-living thing. End of story.”

    No really?

    of particular interest:
    *Summary of Darwin’s theory
    *Difficulties for the theory

    • Yes Really. there is no evidence. And Evolution is still “a theory” just like the big bang and all the other bullshit they use to try to destroy God and your good brain.

      Finest Regards

      • GoaNoah

        You guys are ignant. Evolution happened and continues to happen. And on another note, if there was no god, we silly humans would have to invent god.

        •  Prove it.

          • Riligious

            Anyone can prove evolution.. Look how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics more and more.. DNA changes randomly, and only the best DNA designs survive and thus spread. Its not even science, its logic! Evolution happens, and what happened in the past is always guessing.. but since it happens now, why not in the past??
            God just ‘made everything’? Really, does that even explain anything? How did he do it? who is that guy? why would he do that, and then leave no trace of proof on earth? he could at least come by now and then to say hi, being omnipotent and all..
            We can at least see evolution exists, but only believe in god and pray

    • If you are stupid enough to believe Darwins Theory, (which was based on rasicm and ways to justify white people acceptance ot the idea of Black subordination) then you deserve to be mis-educated.
      Quoting anything from Wikipedia makes you look like a misinformed troll commentor. No disrespect intended. I could always create a wiki account and go edit the shit to my liking.
      lol gimme a break, lol HAHA

      Darwinism isn’t science you dumbass, lol!!!

      Finest Regards

    • lol, even on the page you link it says big as day: Preservation of the favoured Races, lol, Science? Erase your comments or I may be forced to continue showing the world your level of genius.
      I wouldn’t dare dirty my keyboard by erasing them for you.

      Finest Regards

  • LOL.. Did he really link to Wikipedia.. It’s a well known fact among the minority (based on thinking; not race related) that a majority of huge sites and media in general are influenced by the very people that want us to remain dumb.

    Don’t just believe something because it’s pasted on a website. You’re always just reading someone’s opinion. It’s always good to do your own research…

    and I’ve found 9 times out of 10, it only takes a little logical thinking to see that 99% of the stuff out here that is meant for us to believe without a reasonable doubt is BS.

    Take for instance 9/11. If you just look at the overwhelming amount of evidence, it doesn’t take a genius to see that what they gave us in the media was false…

    A plane crashed in a field yet there was no plane wreckage and even better yet, no blackbox; the ONE THING that was built to with stand ANYTHING.. LOL.. Are you freaking kidding me?

    what about the plane that crashed into the pentagon? There was also no wreckage and for a plane the size they told us hit the building, it would have been much bigger hole…

    but wait… out of all the fire, wreckage and missing pieces of complete planes (engines, windows, etc) they managed to find the driver’s license of the “terrorists” … LMBO..

    See all it take is a little logical thinking.. Once that starts, it’s like the domino effect and and everything comes tumbling down…

    Somehow they’ve managed to quite our logical thinking.. I’m guessing through shows like Big Bang Theory and them making that Steven Hawkin dude seem like the smartest man in the world when in fact, he is the biggest idiot and frankly the anit-messiah (anti-christ) in my book. He’s just a decoy..

    Put all the websites, news, tv shows and all other propaganda aside first and think logically about something before making your final decision. I promise it helps out a lot…

    •  Well said, laughed my ass off about the part about them finding the drivers license. Talk about a needle in a haystack making itself readily available….

  • SillyStuff

    This merely proposes a theory… That we were designed by one entity. IT does not in any way disprove evolution. You can observe evolution in a lab rat, and anywhere where living things will quickly reach a reproductive stage. We simply cannot go back in time to watch our own evolution. That’s what science is for–to make educated predictions based on our current facts and understanding on Genes and how they work.

    Never does evolution say that there was no initial creator that created the universe, it simply says that we evolved from similar animals. There may have still been a creator who created the planets and every component in all living organisms. But maybe he/she/it was so smart to not bother crafting every detail but living it to evolution to define the final touches.. best yet, evolution could have been HIS design 😉

    This video is pretty silly to anyone with just a bit of common sense.

    • I can see you evolving from a similar animal.

      Any proof of this happening recently? Or, is all the evidence you fail to cite circumstantially convenient for those who opposed any other theory than their own?
      A theory, by definition offers no proof. Its just an idea pal. Nothing solid exists that proves evolution.

      Finest Regards

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