standard Legal Ease With Knuckles

War is peace. Obey. Consume.

The world we live in today is almost reminiscent of that old school movie They Live which would probably be looked at as satire by a person who had just awaken from a 15 year coma. The only difference is, we don’t have cloaked aliens walking down the street, instead, we are stuck with cloaked tyrants masquerading as friends of humanity taking up space in public office.



Hands down, a total classic.

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple explanation so that our least sophisticated friends and loved ones can get an idea of what’s really going on in our society. I look at it as the re-institution of slavery being incrementally implemented by the rule of law and allowed by popular (pop) prison culture. If slavery is too strong a word for you we can always call it the bitch slapping policy but maybe that would be making too light, heavy matters.

I mean, we do live in a prison culture with pants sagging (which is the universal I’m gay advertisement), prison being cool and respectable in some segments of society, tattoos, homosexuality, sects, secret societies, and police and now, thanks to Obama’s NDAA, the possibility armed military forces on the streets of America.

Prison and slavery are one in the same. Don’t forget that.

This is only one of the reasons why I could never get behind Barack Obama. He was a fraud like the frauds before him and him being a black male wasn’t a good enough trick to fool me into wasting time at the polls. I’d prefer to take my chances with honesty over a liar any day, regardless of who gave birth to him or his fraternal sperm donor.

Black Americans who support Barack Obama because he is black are wrong for that, and at the same time, they piss on the grave of the man who said “judge a man by his character not his color” (or something like that), Martin Luther King Jr.

It seems I have gone into a rant. I just wanted to say, Thank you President Barack Obama for taking more of our freedoms away.

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