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Reselling Things May Soon Be Illegal


We are no longer living in a free country.  If you believe we are, you’re either in denial, completely out of touch with reality, or you’re just downright stupid.

There are no other possible explanations.

As if it isn’t frightening enough that our freedom of speech rights have been stripped from us or that the government has declared that the majority of the American people are potential terrorists for some ridiculous reason or another, the Supreme Court is now considering making it illegal for us to resell stuff that we’ve purchased.

No, I’m not making any of this stuff up.  In case you’ve been asleep, let’s quickly recap.

Under H.R. 347, free speech is now a felony in areas where certain government officials are visiting (particularly those protected by Secret Service)….even if you didn’t know the government official was in the area.

The Department of Homeland Security has labeled people who believe in Constitutional rights, Christians, veterans, people who oppose abortion, those who pay with cash, own precious metals, or keep more than a week of food in their home potential terrorists.

That’s just the short list.  There are more, and it’s absolutely absurd. Yet there are plenty of people who don’t find this concerning even though at least one of those things describes the vast majority of peaceful Americans.

Well, now we’re hearing that the Supreme Court plans to rule on whether or not we will be allowed to resell things we’ve purchased, such as books, CDs, jewelry, antique furniture or artwork, without acquiring permission from the copyright holder.

Up until now, the copyright holder has only had control over the initial sale, not subsequent sales.  That may soon change.

Ladies and gentlemen, no matter how you shake a stick at it, we are no longer living in a free country.

It’s time to wake up and realize that are liberties are seriously under fire and we’re in trouble.


Illegal Laws Aren’t Our Only Concern


Speaking of trouble, why did Obama just issue an executive order instructing FEMA to prepare for mass fatalities?

By itself, you could convince yourself that it’s designed to prepare a plan in the case of a natural disaster.

But this combined with the passing of the NDAA, the executive order for peacetime martial law, the government’s recent acquisition of millions of rounds of hollow point ammunition (which is not used for training purposes by the way), and gun control measures such as the U.N. Small Arms Treaty could be a sign that something is seriously amiss.

Form your own conclusions, but let history serve as a reminder that you should never underestimate what a government is capable of.


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Illegal Things and Concerning Executive Orders

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