standard Eugenics = Abortion Warfare: War on The Weak

Abortion: a Soft and Fuzzy Word for Eugenics

The clip below is from the documentary War on the Weak. War on the Weak chronicles the eugenics movement in America and documents historic legislation in favor of forced sterilization, also known as soft kill genocide.

Eugenics Map

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The film also references United States Supreme Court case Buck Vs. Bell when scrutinizing lawful genocide in America.

The Nazi’s were jealous of the success of the American eugenics program in a disgusting review of how the two warring nations had many of the same funky parallels.

Eugenics (abortion): War on The Weak


This short documentary concludes with a review of how present day genetic research marketing’s propaganda is crafted to leave its audience with an assumption of a pain free “cure all” society yet it cautions on the dangers of science that’s not kept in check with the moral values of society.

If you really want to dive more into this subject with all guns blazing then click here.

Eugenics Warfare: Declaring War on The Weaklings

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