standard Death and Manhood, When is a Man a Man?

What is Manliness?

We need to discuss life, death, and manhood.

When I look at the, for example, current political field of potential presidential candidates and think about standing in those long assed lines at polls with no bar-b-que, I have to ask myself; “Self”, then I answer to myself, “Yes”, “Which one of these politicians vying for my vote (which is important) is ready to die?”

Now when I ask myself a question I usually have an answer, or at bare minimum, I can Yahoo it (I’d Google it, but I am pro-Yahoo so they get the plug) but in these cases and with these types of questions, the best answers tend to not be documented at any source I can trust.

What’s the difference between a man, and a male human animal?

I think that a man, is a man, when he is ready to die for, and not afraid to die for, what he believes in/what he feels is right.

When is a man really a man?

When is a man really a man?

Is a murderer a man? We will get into that later but right now, I am on to something so keep reading. Do not attempt to grow a brain while reading this blog post, wait until afterwards. Then comment, and we can talk.

Is a man that is not ready to die for he believes in, a coward?


Why/why not?

If a man is ready to die for what he believes in, or so he thinks-until he is tested, is he still a man, a coward, or did he find out he really didn’t believe in what he thought he did? Then does make him less of a man? I think it does.

So lets say, for example, a man who believes in Jesus, and claims to put Jesus first, above family, and his family is held hostage, and the hostage taker wants the man to die for his belief in Jesus Christ, or either, we kill your family and let you live, is that still a man? God was supposed to be first, remember?

Or, we let you and your family live, but you must renounce your faith in Jesus Christ, is that still a man? What if he just lies to get out of it? You can pretend we are talking about Allah, or Satan, or Gummy Bears if you do not relate to Jesus Christ, makes me no difference. It’s the man part I wanna discuss, not the religious or spiritual aspect.

Now, moving forward, if a man can not, or will not, keep his word, is he a coward? Is that still a man? If we agree this is not a man, then can we agree this person should not be among the living? Or better yet, determined to be a male human animal? If he gets to live, and is determined not be a man, should we never ever respect this male human animal as a godly man again?

Have I gone too far?

A real man, in my opinion, would kill the hostage taker, or die trying, not renounce his faith nor manhood, and either save his family or die a man. Right? Did I use too many question marks?

This is not the last post on this topic.
July, 27th 2011

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    Gets you to thinking.Hard!!!!!!!!

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