standard Cyborg Titan: The Robot that Punched a Guy

Meet the Cyborg named Titan The Robot that Punched a Guy

How would you like to have this big boy chasing you around?

The lady in the black outfit seems to be the only person in the crowd with any sense as she moved to a defensive position when the robot began approaching.



What Do You Think of Titan The Robot?

I think it was a nice touch making it look scary and all. Just a thought. Wow! It plays music! Maybe it can play “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” when the masters of the universe decide to put us in the FEMA Camps we know they have built and ready to go.

Keep in mind, the robot punched the guy in the face (at 1:17) as if that command was programmed into it or something.

It has also been said that is cyborg is actually a costume with a human inside of it. That represents an even scarier proposition, people with supernatural, or cybernetic powers. Because what ever in the hell that thing is, its real.


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Cyborg Titan: The Robot that Punched a Guy

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