standard Will Colonizing Space Threaten State Sponsored Abortion?

Stephen Hawking and Space Colonies

In early January I ran across an article that was written around the time of Professor Stephen Hawking’s birthday. No, I don’t feel his birthday is notable because the man is so smart he’s stupid. Professor Hawking can’t figure out the root mechanisms of the universe (neither could Einstein) and yet, has the nerve to disbelieve in God. (Based on his condition he should have gotten into medicine, just my opinion.)

According to professor Stephen Hawking, God didn’t create the universe. Instead, nothing created everything.

Source: Christian News Wire

Did they forget to tell Hawking that the Big Bang theory…. was still……., just a theory?

I could challenge the big bang theory with a piece of chewing gum, give – me – a – break.

Brother, I forgive you.

Yep, that’s exactly what that naive idiot said.

Any child would find the notion of nothing coming from something laughable, the hell with a higher education in the sciences, the statement is just dumb. (Dumb is the most effective word I have at my disposal for this subject.)

I guess his official scientific view is that the chicken arrived with the egg in hand, and gave birth to itself.

Who is the daddy!

Before you brainimaniacal atheists start attacking my chicken metaphor with your tired and racially inspired Darwinian evolutionary bullshit I’d just like to point out that my fried chicken metaphor was prudent, impeccable and well thought.

Nuff said.

If we may continue… (I talk a little smack every now and then. You can handle it. This isn’t a woos blog, go to huff post or something if you can’t handle the text. Its all love, so relax. We’re good.)

If we may continue (again)

Stephen Hawking has violated the basic laws of science

Now that the case has been made for understanding how someone so (book) smart could be considered so infinitely dumb, Professor Hawking and I have come to an agreement.

It’s time to colonize space.

I think colonizing space will keep the lives of countless innocent children [of would be slut-mothers] (like the “Fluke girl” Obama saw the need to call on the telephone because Rush Limbaugh properly labelled that skank “a slut”, and Obama saw that as important enough a reason to call a commoner, because dead American Soldiers aren’t a good enough reason to call commoners, but being called a slut grants you a phone call from the President. Condoms are only like 1$, unless she likes it raw [hmmmm] this could spread aids…yep … article coming soon) who should be allowed to live. I know, letting children live is radical to some people, but not to me.

(I never thought so much could be crammed into only two parent thesis’s.)


Professor Steven Hawking is right, Colonize Space and Quick!

We absolutely have to colonize the solar system and move on into the universe. 


If we abort ourselves into extinction then we are all fools for allowing it to happen.

This is human life we are talking about here, human advancement, and growth as a civilization.

We are going to need manpower if we are to leave our mother planet and populate our God given territories.

Did We Go To The Moon?

Humanity is the proverbial moron who has never been outside of his hometown, and … there are reasonable doubts that we ever even went to the moon. I know that may sound wild to some of you programmed sheep who may be stumbling upon this blog for the very first time, but if you know anything about the Van Allen Radiation Belt, I think you’d need about 6 feet of lead shielding to block its deadly radiation which would cause serious destruction to human health functions not to mention render the immune system useless, destroy DNA, cellular structure, and your neighborhood astronauts’ sex life.

Watch It Now: A Funny Thing Happened on The Way To The Moon

That’s passing through the Van Allen Radiation Belt twice, once on the way to the moon, and again on the way back. I am sure we could make the lead shield but I think we all could (attempt) to agree that NASA (nor anyone else) has built or launched anything massive enough to have a module in it with 6 foot thick lead walls on all sides top and bottom, yeah – it would have to huge. The module would have to be large enough to carry people (that’s plural) and space for them to move about.

We Could Get Through The Van Allen Radiation Belt

Don’t give me that “we don’t have the funding” excuse.

If the Federal Reserve can print notes to destroy the economy and force another great depression like they did after they were founded (again, illegally) in 1913, and people will still work their asses off for this worthless currency (that continues to lose value) we can do anything.

With that being the rock solid case, we can build anything and go anywhere, granted we lift technological limits (which we can), and likely in short order.

Build a Starbucks on the moon to get started, next to my space office.

We aren’t going to be able to colonize our Solar System if we soft kill our people with abortion. Illegal immigrants may not be fully qualified to build the future of space technology and we know they don’t do the abortion thing so what are we going to have, a Taqueria and a roach coach on the moon before a Starbucks?

Can we even (still) get to the moon? Oh that’s right, Barack Falsename Slowbama committed treason (again) by forcing our astronauts to bum rides from the Russians.

Those That Supported Obama’s NASA Policies Look to Lose BigAnother irritating record of Obamunisms.

I mean, who sells their car before they have a new one? That’s what NASA was forced to do. They killed the shuttle without having a replacement. Seriously. I live in Houston, TX so this hits home for me, and about 6 million of my closest friends. Now NASA is some sort of religious historic outreach community organized arm of SloBama’s socialist Muslim bootlicking agenda.

NASA is now Dedicated to Muslim Outreach

(How in the hell do NASA’s tech engineers pull this one off?)

NASA’s Muslim Outreach – I will just link to this article, don’t get me started on this. I don’t have a problem with people of any faith, but this is classic bullshit. The Muslim world gets all the credit it needs for math and science.

Lets do some word play!

Al-Jazeera | Al-Gebra | Al-Alwaki

How much love do you need?

The math’s name is based on the culture of the Muslim lands. Nothing could be more respectable and honorable. It just doesn’t get more outreachy than that.

We could always get to the moon in a Chevy Volt.

Seriously, what does a man have to do to get a moonbase next to a coffee-shop round here on a planet where killing the young isn’t popular?

Lets put this messy masterpiece together.

  • They” want us to believe there is a population problem so we can agree to let them kill us off, or at bare minimum, have us feel comfortable and trendy by legally sanctioning the killing of our young. Consider this a form of delayed suicide. It works, if it didn’t, there wouldn’t be funding.
  • A National Popular Vote to help get things done. Keep in mind that wise men are not the majority.
  • Limit the Technology (kill NASA) that would facilitate a healthy expansion of the human race. We won’t need it anyway, they have plans to kill a lot of us off. Oh yes, the plan for mass genocide is written in stone. (See inscriptions on the stones)
  • We started by me agreeing with Steven Hawking. I just made my case as to why I agree with him on colonizing space. He had a point when he said we would kill ourselves off.
  • We outlined the Obama Pro Baby Killing Position. Lots of what may one day be powerful and smart young women, who could help propel us and our population throughout the universe, are being pre-killed via abortion with the support of our President and the entire Democratic Party (I’m not a republican), and non party affiliated nutcases barbecuing with satanists and atheists (one in the same although they may not realize it). They also want me and you to pay for this nonsense. I wonder what kind of shit Obama was smoking when the wise decision was made to have the church funds its hired skanks’ abortions? Marijuana don’t do dat. Marijuana doesn’t make people want to kill other people. (Not all women are skanks, just some of them. Look, I don’t have verified skank:lady statistics on hand, sorry. We’re generalizing the skank to lady ratio for the moment.)

In summation, if we decide to colonize space, abortions will have to be illegal again. Let our people live free of pre-killing!

By: VizFact 🙂

If we, as humanity, decided to build space colonies, wouldn’t that beg the end of the pre-killing of the human species?

Will Colonizing Space Threaten State Sponsored Abortion?

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  • Payitforward74

    Hands down, the most fascinating post I’ve seen yet!  🙂

  • Pinkmist77

    This whole post is a huge pile of Bullsh*t.

    • Melissa S

      Thanks for your input. This blog isn’t everyone’s cup of tea…..especially the faint of heart, the feeble minded, or those that are incapable of independent thought. There is a lot of valid information in the post. Our goal is to make people think outside the box and realize that you can’t believe everything you hear through mainstream sources.  Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • Melissa S

      Thanks for your input. This blog isn’t everyone’s cup of tea…..especially the faint of heart, the feeble minded, or those that are incapable of independent thought. There is a lot of valid information in the post. Our goal is to make people think outside the box and realize that you can’t believe everything you hear through mainstream sources.  Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    •  It got you thinking though, I consider it a success being that it activated your taste buds.

  • Theroha

    I couldn’t get past the first section. The level of ignorance of scientific theory implied by your particular attack of Professor Hawking shows that you have no place in any discussion about the origins of the universe. Belief or non-belief in any deity is a separate issue from the origin of the universe. Guess what. There are thousands, if not millions, of religions around the world. Christianity is likely to be wrong based of statistics and probability alone. Sorry if it seems like I’m rambling here, but I’ve had to put of with such ignorance enough times in my short 20 years that I start to lose track of what issues I’ve already mentioned and where I’m ending.

    •  “Belief or non-belief in any deity is a separate issue from the origin of the universe.”

      This statement of yours is biased & pure ignorance. I’m sorry you wasted your time commenting.

  • Uhhuh

    Found this blog looking for a picture of Hawking. 

    First of all, you need to learn some humility if you claim to be a Christian. Stephen Hawking is a naive idiot? Based on this post, you clearly don’t have an education in this subject matter whereas Stephen Hawking has made immeasurable contributions to human knowledge. 

    When you read things that you don’t understand, such as “something came from nothing,” you have to realize that it takes dedication and hard work to fully understand those concepts, and exactly why they make sense. You can’t read about them on Wikipedia for a few minutes and move on. They often come with a slew of technical jargon and assumptions about prior knowledge which may be unfamiliar to you. This is a process that takes years.

    If you don’t have the passion and patience to understand theoretical physics (or anything else in academia), then there’s no shame in that, but don’t let your insecurity regarding your lack of understanding motivate you to insult great people. THAT’s what’s really bullshit here.

  • Jackiekeegan

    Well done for thinking you’re smarter than one of the most intelligent minds on earth. Good for you. How’s the weather up there on your high-horse?

    •  Very sunny, 78 degrees and windy. A Perfect day.

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  • himynameis

    wow. That was some crazy bullshit, and questionable font usage, but mostly just bat shit crazy ranting