standard Coke & Pepsi: Cancer in a Can

Coloring in Coke & Pepsi is Carcinogenic


Coke and PepsiIt seems like we hear a new reason everyday as to why we shouldn’t drink soda.

First, it was discovered that Pepsi Co. is using aborted fetal tissue to test flavorings.

Now, due to a law that was passed by the state of California, we’re hearing that the caramel coloring found in Pepsi and Coke contains 4-methylimidazole (4-MI).

4-methylimidazole is an ammonia-sulfite caramel coloring by-product that has been shown to cause cancer.

Lab tests conducted by The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) showed that Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, and Diet Pepsi contain high levels of 4-MI.

The benchmark in CA is 29 mcg. Pepsi products tested at levels between 145-153 mcg, and Coke products were found to contain between 113-146 mcg of 4-MI.

CSPI states that levels above 29 mcg are believed to increase a person’s chance of developing cancer. The group has twice petitioned the Food and Drug Administration requesting that ammonia-sulfite caramel coloring be banned.

The American Beverage Association called the claims “outrageous” stating that they are only “scare tactics.”

A spokesman for the FDA stated that a person would need to drink 1,000 cans a day to reach levels that have been linked to cancer in rodents.

Despite the protests, the CA law would force Pepsi and Coke to put a cancer warning label on their products.

To avoid having to comply, both Coke and Pepsi have instead asked their caramel suppliers to modify the manufacturing process to reduce the amount of 4-MI in their products.

Diana Garza, a representative for the Coca-Cola company, stated in an email:

While we believe that there is no public health risk that justifies any such change, we did ask our caramel suppliers to take this step so that our products would not be subject to the requirement of a scientifically unfounded warning.


Coke & Pepsi are Bad for Your Health


I know many of us are addicted to our soda, but is it really worth the risk?

In addition to the new-found concern that the caramel coloring is carcinogenic, we’ve long known that the aspartame found in diet sodas is a poison.

Aspartame is an excitotoxin that causes damage to the neurons in the brain.  This can lead to endocrine problems, brain lesions, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease to name just a few.

It has also been linked to huge list of other problems that include birth defects, weight gain, migraines, and cancer.

The moral to the story is DRINK WATER!

That soda may taste good, but it really isn’t worth the damage it can do to your health in the long-run.

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The Dangers of Drinking Coke & Pepsi

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