standard CNN Wants This Video off The Web

CNN Caught Being Divisive

The drone (masquerading as a journalist) obviously wants people to shut up and accept her programming. This video is enough to upset anyone with at least 5% of a brain.

Why upset? Because the reporter doesn’t give a damn about how the people feel, she only wants to interview those who agree with her viewpoints and trash people who disagree with her and then tries to dirty all the people on the scene by blaming FOX (Faux) News for the assembly.

But when the CNN Propaganda Cam (hehe I came up with that all by myself) was shut off, The Founding Bloggers Cam fired up and here we go:



I loved it when the white lady got on her ass. That was a thing of beauty. I’d want this video off the web too if I were the overlords at CNN. The reporter was clearly made a fool of and I must say, I love every millisecond of the intellectual smack-down about the government stealing our slave money.


By: VizFact – Be my friend on Bacefook.

CNN Wants This Video off The Web

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