standard CNN Attacks Football “Its a Dangerous Sport”

CNN and Fox News Must Die!

(I think Fox News should disappear too, they don’t actually report news or investigate anything, they merely offer tainted commentary playing dress up to look like news.)

Every time you look up, lamestream media has another report to help market American woosification.

Of coarse they don’t just come out and say “we are working on helping you in making a weaker you”, they just sell the idea of the sport (terrorist, or whatever is under attack in any given week) as being dangerous, then eventually, you will demand full American Woosification in the form of someone telling you whats good for you over and over again until you believe it.

Mind Control

I’d bet if they had grown men competing for a “who looks best in a dress award” it would be all good, no danger there right?

News Flash to the CNN Noose Room!

Life sucks sometimes, and on top of that, its dangerous ALL THE TIME.


(Anyone who knows me knows that I only use caps when its important.)

Grabbing one little issue and “working” to scare people into subscribing to the ideas of someone they probably don’t know is hardly a new idea.

Its called mind control.

In fact, I’d even go as far as to call it the soccer conspiracy. Ever since soccer made to a pro level in the United States there have been attacks on real football by the communist American media. Why did I say communist? Cause its that community action bullshit, “Football is too dangerous so play weaker and less manly brutal sports” is what I feel like they really want to say.

Manly meaning non girly, I don’t think a man is defined by a sport or an activity, just saying for you growing brains out thar!

VizFact Explains Danger to CNN

Danger: exposure or liability to injury, pain, harm, or loss

Fine, spearhead a campaign aimed at asking our State, Local, and Federal Guhment Overlords to stop using firearms in America, and to disarm the IRS, and the police too.

Why not? Guns are dangerous right? Oh wait, you want me to give up my weapons but you keep yours? Then you claim football is dangerous wtf?

This attack on football is nothing more than a psychological thought implant that will make you a weak woos-cake on a subconscious level that’s primed for the bullshit they really want you to suck up, which may or may not be able to identify.

Note: This isn’t about football and concussions, its about mind control and danger discrimination.

Let boys be men, and let men be men, let them exercise brute force and let the ladies be ladies, or else we may have to ban the automobile because of car accidents.

Remember, War is Peace CNN, War is Peace.

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