standard The Chinese Takeover – Are We Living In Sino-America?

The Chinese Takeover of America

Are we looking at a Chinese-America forming right under our noses? The following video covers the following interesting points.

  • The Empire State Building in New York celebrates communism during the 60th anniversary of Communist China’s takeover of China. The Chinese Consulate nor the Empire State Building would return phone calls about this act.
  • China’s financing of Washington D.C.’s debt. China buys lots of US Treasuries.
  • Chinese workers, not American workers, are rebuilding America’s so called crumbling infrastructure. Thanks Obama, go on, blame Bush.
  • The United States Government subsidizes Chinese jobs, not American jobs.
  • Under Obama, its almost impossible to do business in America, unless you are Chinese.
  • China wants to buy Ohio, Michigan, Idaho, and Pennsylvania.
  • Obama keeps snatching up land in Idaho.
  • China wants to build a 50 square mile city south of Boise, Idaho.
  • The (non federal) Federal Reserve allows China to takeover a U.S. Bank.

China Invading America NOW (2012) The Silent Takeover!!

(Feel free to verify any of this information by checking search engines for terms outlined in the above bullet points. Oh yea, don’t forget to oil down your rifles and buy ammo.)

I wish this shit would have happened in Texas. I’m the wishful type. They would have been noodles when we finished with them.


Wow, An American president….. bowing to foreign President. Disgusting.

By VizFact

The Chinese Takeover – Are We Living In Sino-America?

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