standard Video: China’s Empty Ghost Cities

Some of the fully built cities in China are perfect for shooting zombie flicks because they are completely empty, dead, and lifeless.

Police generally harass people who try to film empty theaters and malls so they won’t look like the lying communists they are which prove socialism doesn’t work.

While not intended to be an attack on socialism, why not?

With community sinks and toilets, China is destined to be a world power one of these days, but not today.

See China’s Empty Ghost Cities

  • China is the worlds leading manufacturer.
  • The Chinese build 10 new cities every year for some reason.
  • Building cities is one way of maintaining economic growth.
  • The South China Mall is worthless as it sees a handful of customers every week. Which is more than when it opened 6 years ago. The worlds biggest shopping mall is empty.
  • There are 64,000,000 empty apartments in China.
  • The easiest way to hit GDP targets is to build.
  • The Chinese government works very hard to build problems for the future it seems.

As you can see, China is an insane lalaland which is reminiscent of a bad dream? It must be a pretty awkward feeling to be walking down the streets of an empty city which was built and never occupied. IDIOTS!

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China’s Ghost Cities

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