standard Capsules Filled With Baby Remains Seized in S. Korea

Powered Baby Remains Used as ‘Stamina Boosters’

If you thought it was awful that PepsiCo and other companies are using aborted fetal tissue to test new flavor enhancers, this will completely blow your mind.

Customs officials in South Korea have seized thousands of capsules that contained powdered baby remains.

The capsules originated in China, and customs reports that they have intercepted 17,450 capsules over the course of 5 smuggling attempts since August 2011.  The pills are being passed off as ‘stamina boosters’.

As if just the general idea of unknowingly consuming baby remains isn’t upsetting enough, the process by which the capsules are made is even more disturbing.

It appears that corrupt medical staff are contacting drug companies regarding the availability of aborted fetuses and stillborn babies.  The bodies are then chopped up, put into medicinal microwaves to dry the remains, and then crushed into powder.

I’m so stunned by this that I really have no words…..except to say that the world is really going straight to hell.

God help us!

Stamina Boosters Contain Powdered Human Baby Remains:



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Capsules Seized in South Korea Contain Powdered Baby Remains

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