standard Britney, You Don’t Look Yourself These Days

Britney Spears May Have an Imposter

There is a buzz in the air over a photo of Britney Spears that is to be published in V Magazine.  Some of her fans are questioning the authenticity of the photo, stating that Britney would have needed to slim down awfully fast for that to be her.

Let’s examine the photo.

Photo of Britney Spears from V Magazine

Courtesy of V Magazine


Now let’s take a look at a photo of Britney from September 2011.

Britney Spears at launch of European Femme Fatale tour

Copyright Getty Images

 Is that Really Britney Spears’ Body?

Clearly that is not the real question.  If you compare the two pictures, the scars on the knees match, so maybe it is really a slimmer version of her. I think the big question here is whose head is on Britney’s body in the first picture?? That’s the issue her so-called fans seem to have overlooked, because if that’s the same face, then I’m Beyonce!

Speaking of Beyonce, she and Britney have been known to share a body.  Body sharing must be the new “in” thing.

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Will the Real Britney Spears Please Stand Up?

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  • lol, maybe she left part of her love handles in another dimension, lol….

    • Anonymous

      It isn’t her body that’s the issue.  Look at the faces.