standard Brat Bans: Retribution Against Holy Terrors

No Children Allowed


The issue of “Brat Bans” is  something I stumbled upon while perusing Yahoo today.

Brat kid giving the middle finger

If this reminds you of your kid, YOU are the problem! Bad parents breed bad children.

Restaurants, movie theaters, libraries, and other public establishments are taking an ever-increasing stand against unruly children.

I’ve never heard about this before, but you know what? I kind of like the idea.

As someone who doesn’t have kids, I can understand why establishments would want to “ban brats”.

No, I don’t dislike kids. In fact, I have a little niece and nephew that I adore.

I also used to be a nanny, so I’m familiar with how the children discipline thing works, and frankly, it isn’t that difficult as long as you’re consistent.

No one should have to be subjected to ill-behaved little monsters while they’re out trying to relax and enjoy themselves.

Oh, I know, many of you parents are probably up in arms over this.

Maybe if more parents actually disciplined their children and taught them some manners, establishments wouldn’t feel the need to implement bans on kids.

Hopefully, you’ll get the hint now. No one wants to be around spoiled rotten children, whose parents let them get away with anything they want.


If you’re child is very young and has a hard time behaving in public, perhaps the movie theater isn’t the best place to take them until they’re a bit older.

And if your child is older, the solution is so simple – stop being your kids’ friend and start being their parent.  Kids need guidance and boundaries, not a buddy.

If you can do that, great. If you can’t, keep them at home.

Below is a Dr. Phil segment about the subject. It is the right episode, but the first minute is a description of the following day’s show.


Dr. Phil – Brat Ban (No Children Allowed)

By: Melissa S.


Brat Bans: Banning Children from Public Establishments

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  • I think the great Berney Mack said it best, “I will kick a kids ass”.

    Furthermore, I totally agree, but only because parents are usually their child’s prison bitch.

    • Melissa S

       Amen to both of those statements.

  • john

    IF parents would just be parents, this would not be happening.

    • 100% agree. Men are going to have to start actually being men again. Too many kids have man animal male figures, rather than men.Thank for stopping by John. Hope to see ya again! We’ve got some cool documentary films at