standard Bloomberg Turns The Big Apple into The Soft Cherry, With No Sugar

Bloomberg Stepfathers New Yorkers

From The Big Apple To The Soft Cherry

At one time I had lots of respect for New Yorkers. They seemed to have had a “kick ass” type of Texas frame of mind at one point, but now, they lose all respect from me. Not that I am anyone special or anything, well, let me stop lying.

Just the idea of New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg telling you dictating to the obviously weak minded people in New York City what they can and can not have to eat or drink or even the nerve of recommending portion sizes to free people, and then trying to back it up with policy.

Policy is always backed up by gun toting officers of the policy with public people storage systems otherwise known as jails so be very careful what you let your elected officials get away with. The state nor the city should ever be given this type of power you idiots!

I’m the wishful type, I wish a mofo would. Are the people of New York City going to take this lying down?

Who knows, I am sure some of them are surrendering their minds this very minute in what I would call a disgusting onset of the Stockholm Syndrome.

I never thought New Yorkers even had it in there DNA to be this weak.

Its funny how Bloomberg was even comfortable enough to dare dictating to free citizens what portion sizes they may have. Maybe I should use the word free loosely.

This isn’t about the food, this is a pilot program to see what the people will put up with. Also, a test to see if after Government Health Care kicks in, if they can control what you eat since they will be using the money they don’t have to clog up the emergency rooms even more than they are now after health costs start being referred to as free under ObamaCare.

I wonder if the people of New York pass this test.

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The nerve of that short little coward telling people what to eat, He’s worse than Michelle Obama, who likely put him up to this.

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Bloomberg Forces New World Order Test on New Yorkers, Starting With Food

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