standard Bloomberg Calls for Stricter Gun Control After Aurora Shooting

Bloomberg Says Aurora Shooting Justifies Gun Control


I’m sure none of us are surprised that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has jumped all over the Aurora shooting to call for stricter gun control.

After all, Bloomberg continues to believe he has a right to control what you eat/drink, so why wouldn’t he think the government should take away your 2nd Amendment rights as well.

Following the tragic theater shooting, Dictator-wanna-be Bloomberg has called out President Obama and Mitt Romney, asking what they intend to do about it as President, stating that “this is obviously a problem across the country.”


 Bloomberg: Increased Gun Control:


“Lone Gunman” Story in the Aurora Shooting Doesn’t Make Sense

James Holmes

James Holmes


James Holmes, the alleged shooter, is a 24-year old unemployed medical student.  Witnesses state that the gunman was wearing ballistic gear and threw tear gas into the theater before he opened fire.

According to CBS, police claim that Holmes used at least 3 weapons in the slaying – an assault rifle, a shotgun and a Glock handgun – and that they found a second handgun in his vehicle.

But that’s not all. Police also told CBS that they found “one rifle, two handguns, a knife, a bullet proof vest, a ballistic helmet, a gas device, a gas mask, military SWAT clothing and unidentified explosives were also found in Holmes’ car.”

Where would an unemployed college student get the exorbitant amount of money he would need to purchase all these things? Not to mention, how would he get a hold of them?  Military gear isn’t exactly readily available for purchase at your local Walmart.

In addition, not only did Holmes not resist arrest, he TOLD police that there were ‘possible explosives’ in his apartment!

If someone is hell-bent on murdering people, do you really think they would calmly surrender and warn the police that their apartment was booby-trapped?

These are just a few of the things that don’t add up at all.

The logical explanation is that this was a staged attack by our government.

It’s no coincidence that this tragedy occurred exactly one week prior to the day that the government is expected to authorize the UN Small Arms Treaty. It sets the stage for them to strip you of your 2nd Amendment rights and go on a gun grab.

Do not be deceived by what the media is feeding you. This was planned, and their agenda is gun control, which history has proven is disastrous.

Our deepest sympathies go out to the families of the shooting victims. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


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Aurora Shooting Staged as Justification for Gun Control?

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