standard Black Women Not Good Enough?

Oh wow, a very interesting legally white, black girl allegedly from Ethiopia saw the need to trash black women. Some of it may be deserved but damn, the bitch in the video below pulled out all the stops and let whores (ho’s), ladies (rare) and female human animals (other types of female skank), “have it”.

Black Women Not Good Enough?

Akat042001 [A********lil] (The alleged Ethiopian Chic, yeah…. we got her name, the VizFact Dot Com dirty tricks division has skillz.) got on a lot of black women’s asses. I have to admit, I loved every second of this video but she needs to be shot (not literally) because she’s out of hand and reckless with the mouthpiece.

Of coarse you know she made this video from the safety of her home rather than in the faces of the black class she was referring to. I know a few home-girls that would make sausages out of her ass prior to throwing her in the garbage disposal.



Oh my, then this sexy thang below, who seems to be intelligent for a sexy chic, had a very reasonable and sound response.



Oh my, she could talk to me about that Ethiopian skank all – day – long. But the brother below really broke down the video below and when I say he analyzed every detail, damnit I mean he covered every detail.



The video from the Ethiopian chic is old news, but its epic.

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Black Women Not Good Enough?

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