standard Black Loyalty To Democrats is Dangerously Misguided

You ever get that feeling of, I guess its called elation, when a new revelation comes to light that is soothing to intellectual side of the brain? Well that’s what I got when I ran across a video by some nutjob naming himself MachoSauce (which is an epic name for a man).

MachoSauce delves deep into the shady reasons why, and the consequences of, black loyalty to the racist democratic party whose roots are in slave ownership and a drive for perpetual slavery (in any form they can get it) and the elimination of black people worldwide in general by aggressively marketing abortion like an luxury sedan while blaming all of the above on Republicans.


After watching his video I went ahead and checked out a response made by another brother. As a rule of thumb, I review both sides of an argument before making a decision cause you need that.

He was in full agreement. They took all the words right out my mouth. nothing to see here move along. I said everything I had to say in paragraph 2.

You feel me? I thought so.

Please come again!


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