standard Black Man Hates Self, Worships Whites as Gods

Black Man Hates Self, Worships White People

Tyra Banks (a chic I seriously need to get at) had a very interesting topic on her talk show that I caught on YouTube.

She covered a black man (I use the term “man” loosely) who hates himself, or to be more precise, his blackness.

This bastard even said that being born black is the worst thing that ever happened to him.

The poor male also said if that if he was born white, everything would be ok in his life. I personally think he would be better off as a white woman. I don’t have any commentary that will trump the video so go ahead and give a peep.

I will say this; white people can have his soft ass (no offense) and can take Steve Harvey too.


Do you realize they painted this n**ga white?

In my Nigerian English dialect: “Beech Ass Neega”

He’s a black man animal with a white woman trapped inside of him.


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  • Anonymous

    This guy needs intensive psychotherapy. People weren’t treating him differently after he “became white” because of his skin color. They were treating him differently because he was carrying himself in an entirely different manner. When someone is unhappy and hates themselves, they act downtrodden and depressed and others don’t respond well to that. If this guy thinks white people are happier, he needs a serious reality check. Happiness comes from the inside, and there are countless white people who are miserable with their lives. Racism is horrible, but I think it’s 1000 times worse when someone is directing it towards their own race. Truly pathetic.  We are all the same color on the inside!

  • The ass presenting the program is as mentally diseased as the guest. Look at the hair and I bet she bleaches her skin. 

    • I am glad you said that because I was thinking that the whole time. Keen observation brah.

  • This youngster is very confused; not only is he gay but he
    thinks that another community’s ice is colder than his own. Maybe the Nation Of
    Islam ought to kidnap & educate him.

  • Serenethorn

    Not an unusual case  nor is it specific to “black”. This shouldn’t be so “weird” – men are born in “women’s bodies as are men born in “women’s” bodies (quotes used only to emphasize the fact the we deal with this thing in all sorts of other ways.

  • Altafaan

    from  the  way  how him  act  u  can  see  is  a  batty  man  ..death  fi  u    batty  boy

  • Sparklez79

    He should have said a white woman trapped in a black man’s body

    • That’s how he comes across to me. I would want him going into battle with me in any conflict. Unless, it was makeover warfare, lol

  • Sparkez79

    But seriously He has serious issues within himself not even about the way he wants to be but to look at another human being as superior or “gods” it sickening. We better watch him he could be the next terriost against his own race

    • lol, damn, What is he going to terrorize us with? Make up and blouses? lol