standard Have You Met Any Black Eyed Children?

Yes its true.

Although strange and unexplained, people are reporting being approached by children with weird behavior, who ask them to let them in or ask for another invitation of some sort. The weird thing, is that these kids have completely black eyes, and no cornea whites, or black in what would normally be eye whites.

Black Eyed Children

According to reports;

  • These children are always dressed classy, in contemporary clothing. Other reports state that the children wear what witnesses perceive that Amish children would wear.
  • They have no pimples, or freckles; and having an olive skin tone/color is commonly reported. Or, a pale skin.
  • Black eyed children either knock on people’s doors, or car windows, ask for an invitation of some sort; like being let in, or you giving them a ride, then the witness takes there eyes off them & they disappear. In one case, children like this,  appearing to be around the age of 9 or 10, appeared at a woman’s house at 10pm, asking to be let in to use the bathroom.
  • People who run into the children often feel as if they are being hypnotized, or compelled to comply with their request, then end up downright frightened to death when they notice these children have eye-whites. Commonly, they disappear once you take your eyes off of them.

We found a very well written article on this phenomenon here on black eyed kids.

The more information we get on this phenomenon, the more we will share.

Likely Photoshopped Image lifted from: Mysterious Universe

According to other reports on Black Eyed Children,

  • Some people think they may be alien-human hybrids.
  • Others think these children are demons.
  • These children always look around 10 years old.
  • No one has ever reported a positive feeling during an encounter with what are being dubbed, BEK’s.
  • Some people have engaged the children by asking them questions relating to the whereabouts of their parents only to have the black eyed kids give responses with silly phrases like: Is it food time?
  • In one case, the children went into a corner store and told the merchant to let them shop.

Another interesting enigma surrounding black eyed children is that when there are opportunities to capture footage of them on video, the cameras malfunction.

In many cases, a force can be felt coming from the children. Also, these children don’t appear to be from around here if you catch my drift and we ain’t talkin’ about space aliens.

Debunking the Debunking

  • Most 10 year olds don’t get their eyes-whites tattooed.
  • Most 10 year olds can’t afford 500$+ for full black tinted contact lenses. Or afford fitting.
  • 10 year olds don’t generally go to a strangers home in the middle of the night asking to be let in.

A recurring theme, is that these children need permission before they can proceed with whatever their task is.

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Have You Met Any Black Eyed Children?

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