standard An Old Bill Cooper Lecture on The Illuminati

I vaguely remember hearing the name Bill Cooper when I was a teenager so I bookmarked this video and I watch portions of it from time to time. The reason that I never shared it is because it is low quality & not fit for VizTV, and too long for the purpose I wanted to use it for as far a featuring it in a blog post.

However, I have changed my mind and decided to share the video. I do not expect it to go viral or anything but this man, Bill Cooper, gave a wonderful lecture about is version of freedom.

Bill Cooper talks about the men who control society. I don’t by any stretch of the imagination agree with everything he says, but I enjoyed listening to him say everything he said.

Check it out.

Rest in Peace Bill…
William Milton Cooper (May 6, 1943 – November 5, 2001)

The Bill Cooper Illuminati Lecture


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The Bill Cooper Illuminati Lecture

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