standard Biden Threatens an Executive Order on Gun Control

With all the talk of gun control legislation following the Sandy Hook tragedy, I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that  Joe Biden is now making threats of an executive order to deal with the gun control issue.

Forthcoming Gun Control Executive Order?

After all, Obama has no concern for either the constitution or for following proper protocol to get laws passed.Obama burning Constitution gun control

Instead, with a stroke of his mighty pen, he simply signs another executive order to do whatever the hell he pleases.

And our illustrious representatives in Washington, D.C. just look the other way instead of holding him accountable for his illegal actions and utter disregard for our Constitution, which he (and they) swore an oath to uphold.

They’re never going to stop it, so our only hope is that the individual states take a stand against illegal laws.

It’s up to We the People to contact our representatives and make sure our voices are heard before it’s too late and our rights are gone forever.

Biden States Executive Order for Gun Control is on the Table

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 Looming Threat of Gun Control

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