standard Beyonce baby’s Ivy Blue’s reverse is Eulb Yvi and it means…

So what does Eulb Yvi Mean ?

Not even a week has passed and I am already hearing stories about how Beyonce and JayZ spent $1.3 million to clear a whole damn wing of the hospital where Beyonce was to give birth. “They” say it had something to do with frisking the nurses to make sure no one got any pictures of Eulb Yvi with cameras phones but, you know, that’s what “they” say.

Why am I even referring to the child as Eulb Yvi? I guess I am just having my fun with the story. Why not? Do I not have the right to have fun with celebrity stories? Damn right I do.

Moving on, they named the baby after some leaf flower or something and not too long afterwards, stupidity begins.

Conspiracy wackos from far and wide spring out of the woodwork to add some entertainment value to the common miracle known as giving birth.

More on the Ivy Blue Eulb Yvi Beyonce Nonsense

An article at Dlisted said it best,

When Beyonce’s gold-plated House of Dereoyster slipped out the second coming on a bed of blessed weaves Saturday night, I just knew it was only a matter of time before the Illuminati theories started dropping on the Internet and the Internet hasn’t let me down. Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter’s name Blue Ivy (which still sounds like the name of a European porn star or a Los Angeles-area new American bistro with a C rating on its door) probably represents their weird obsession with the number 4. Ivy after IV and Blue after Jay-Z’s The Blueprint Project, which he’s done 3 of, so Blue Ivy would be his fourth. Yeah, the way they hump on the number 4 is weird, but they’re beyond rich and sometimes that kind of money turns a ho into a bona fide crazy.

What if…

  • …They cleared out that hospital wing to drive out, bring in, or even worse, transfer a spirit or some kind of supernatural entity?
  • …The devil was involved? OR, JayZ is Satan, the ruler of the world, and Beyonce just made his latest baby?
  • …Blue Ivy translates to the name of Lucifer’s daughter in Latin when spelled backwards as Eulb Yvi?
  • …The baby has wings!
  • …This birth is somehow tied in with that Single Ladies, Put a Ring on it song?
  • …They brought Kelly Rowland in to have the baby
  • …Jay Z Had the baby and he carried it in his lips?
  • …JayZ had the baby but he carried it in Kelly Rowland’s lips?
  • ….Beyonce Knowles is really Britney Spears?


Expert Video Commentary on the Beyonce Ivy Blue Eulb Yvi Phenomenon


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