standard 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Water = Healthy and Good Looking Skin

Don’t be buying stupid cosmetics and wasting your life and money on them. You’re better off having water in your diet if you want that natural glowing skin effect.

Otherwise remember, there’s always Fotoshop By Adobe. (<-funny video)

Removes Toxins From Your Body

Drinking water is one form of cleansing your body without necessarily having to go above and beyond to purchase health supplements like toxin removers and other related products. Keeping a healthy flow of water in your diet has more than one benefit, and detoxification is one of them.

PH Balance

Your body is better off with a 7+ Ph range and drinking water as a normal practice can maintain this balance. This helps your body to function optimally.

Weight Loss

If you’re looking for a negative calorie food, then look no farther than a glass of water. If you drink water while you eat, you have a zero calorie beverage which will more than likely make you feel “full” faster. (Hint: kill two birds with one stone.)

Get Rid of Fake Hunger

Doctors and medical research professionals have found that hunger pains, or the “hunger” feeling, are often mistaken for the body craving for water. One suggestion is to drink water before regular meals because this may shave your appetite.

Sodas, tea, coffee and other sweet drinks or beverages do not count as water. The body digests sugar, and other drinks have caffeine which results in negative hydration. Water is water, accept no imitations.

Keep Sickness and Health Ailments Away

Most of the time headaches, fatigue, and even that 3 o’clock in the afternoon feeling can be attributed to dehydration. Muscle spasms may also be the result of dehydration. If you have frequent headaches it may be due to inadequate water intake.

Prevent The Cancers!

Drinking water every day helps keep your bladder in good health and can keep colon cancer from entering your life.


Having trouble taking a dump? It may be because you aren’t drinking enough water. Water and vegetables can prevent or mediate constipation. Don’t be constipated.

Pregnant Women

They need water too. It’s important. Keep the infections out of your life. Stay off the caffeine too.

Get Your Hydration On

Staying hydrating will result in clearer, younger looking skin, more energy, enhanced nutrient delivery, a higher metabolism, healthier kidney’s and all kinds of other goodies.  And most importantly of all, don’t be constipated.

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Water

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