standard Before You Drive While Intoxicated or Impaired

Why People Drive Drunk

People do stupid things every day which can be considered reprehensible by anyone operating from a position of sanity, and operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated in the state of Texas happens to be one of them. For some people, drunk driving is a mistake, but for others it’s an all too common occurrence that goes hand-in-hand with the weekend, special occasions, and nights out.

Police in Texas have taken a vigilant position as it relates to curbing the flow of drivers who made the decision to become physiologically intoxicated to the point where them driving puts public safety at risk. The Texas Department of Public Safety has taken a number of steps to ensure the public is defended from the attack of the drunk driver.

Houston DWI lawyers always try to warn their clients in addition to the general public, but few take heed to their advice. When a driver is detained by law enforcement agency in Texas, and assumed to be drunk, they will be taken the jail and later prosecuted by the Office of the Harris County Dist. Atty.

Truth & Consequences (For DWI Offenders)

Once locked away in at the Harris County jail in downtown Houston, the reality sets in of the situation at hand. As usual, defendants tend to not consider the consequences of their actions prior to taking them, resulting in uncomfortable and disastrous results; jail.

Once incarcerated in a prison facility as a result of driving while intoxicated, the defendant is often met with the harsh realities of jail food, expensive phone calls, and the uncomfortable nature of being close to strangers whom they have never met. With these circumstances comes the demand for bail.

If financially stable, the defendant will likely place a phone call to someone who lives outside of the prison facility and request a bond to be posted. Once the bond is posted, the defendant is released from the Harris County jail. Once the defendant is released from the Harris County jail, the next step is normally to hire a criminal defense attorney to assist with fighting the charges, or limiting criminal penalties that must be suffered in order to satisfy payment to the public for transgression against the law.

Solutions for Offenders

There are a number of solutions for people who are suffering with alcoholism. The easiest solution is to just stop drinking as it will immediately improve your health, and add more money to your bank account in the form of savings of monies that would have normally been spent on beverages.

For defendants who are facing a possible conviction for drunk driving, it’s best to find a DWI attorney with a reputation for winning if you can’t find Board Certified attorneys like the attorney Tad Nelson that are within your budget. The differences between attorneys can be like night and day. Some have many decades of experience, yet lack experience with your type of case. Others have minimal experience, but are experts in one particular field as a trial lawyer. Other attorneys reside in the sweet spot, the spot where you get experience and expertise all in one package.

If you’re facing penal aggression on the basis of accusations of your committing a misdemeanor or felony offense in the Houston area, contact a licensed attorney for help.

Before You Drive While Intoxicated or Impaired

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