standard Roast, Bread, Cinnamon Roll: The Sandwich

The Sandwich that is the envy of all sandwiches that came before it

Blog Me VizFact, Blog me!

I saw a cinnamon roll in the kitchen co-mingled with beef roast and bread, and I didn’t know what to think of it.


It looked at me, and I looked back at it; a stalemate between two powerful entities was clearly underway.


During a ceiling fan inspired kitchen breeze that caused residential winds to flow around my body like that of ocean waters hugging around a fish; I noticed the cinnamon roll, it spoke to me.

When it spoke to me, it said, blog me VizFact, blog me.


Update: 8:52 PM – The architect of the sandwich actually ate it!


So…how do you really feel about cinnamon rolls and beef roast?


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  • Melissa S

    Nasty!  lol