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The Google Plus Dirty Tricks Division Bans Defenseless Account

It never fails, the savants at Google always find ways to justify new love notes from me.

Before I get started, I actually think Google has some fairly swell products or, shall we say, they took over a lot of other companies with… fairly swell products.

Clear on Censorship

(Blogger/Blogspot, Analytics, Adsense, almost if not all the local television signals of America, YouTube, and to add to those little tidbits; Steve Jobs said Google’s Android is stolen… to name a few.)

If there are entrepreneurs out there pondering the building of a monopoly (or something like one), that isn’t a monopoly, but is a monopoly (kind of), then learn from Google.

They took A T & T’s monopolistic business practice and implemented it with class.

Even John Rockefeller’s Standard Oil would have been green with envy at the site of a somehow legal, illegal, legal, monopoly…of sorts, kinda.


Google Plus Account Banned

(Those Animals Banned a Google Plus Account? Yes They did!)

I really don’t care for Google Plus because I feel its just a sub-par Facebook knock off (even calling it that may be giving G+ too much credit), but I knew at some point they would allow Google Plus users to help them manipulate the search engines with that +1 crap. Knowing that this monopolistic search engine scam was coming, I really wanted to be a part of it, on the cutting edge, so I could help the world.

No my friends. The good folks at Google saw things differently.


This isn’t the first one of my accounts the good folks at Google decided to ban. They also banned my Adsense account. Not only did they ban my account (Ironically, after I earned a little money), they also banned my business Adsense account after it earned a little money. Make your own conclusions.

Fine, whatever.

If the Sooper Oober Google Skynet-bot-puter is telling them that I am the bad guy, or that some how I am a threat (WOORT! hold the Applause) to the Google Monolith or better yet, how did they put it in the “Google Adsense Account Banned Email” ?, susceptible to generating fraudulent activitarhm…

Um-K, I can live with that. Lie to my face, I respect that.


Translation: We flagged your Google+ account for this, and this, "or" this and just maybe we don't like your name. During this abuse phase enabled by our arrogance derived from dominating the web in every way we can think of, we have decided that your sorry ass may not participate in helping Google to spam the search engine with very inviting +1's next to content in our search results in an attempt to own social networking by creating interest in Google Plus, by use of our monopoly on unsuspecting users via repeated exposure. If you don't like it, delete you account and leave, but remember, copy your account data, we might just allow you to join us, in spamming the world with +1's later.


The social networking site? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

I’m banned from Google Plus for what? Was it that I didn’t help to make it boring enough? My gut is having a Sigourney Weaver alien birth moment I am laughing so hard. For the sake of sanity I am holding off from multiple “lol’s” in this writing to keep things, at least, close to professional.

Translation: We are using Google Plus to get as much information on you as possible, and secondarily, to encourage you to consume and to help us pilfer money out of you, and out of our advertisers.

Google doesn’t want to let me join the party and help spam the worlds largest search engine.

Unfair I say, I fair I say. I know I’m screaming in the wilderness in the middle off the night but its all good.

It isn’t like I actually know people who actually use Google Plus or anything crazy like that, but who knows, I may have wanted to make friends or meet people one day.

Translation: We have finally found a way to ask you at least 5 times to take an action within the scope of a very small space. Aren't we great?

So much for social networking. Thanks Google Plus.


Translation: Add These People

I admit, I did add a lot of people to my circles when I joined G+ but that is what they harass you into doing in the form of those little annoying little messages that show up when you want to see them least, after you sign up.

“add more people to your circles”


I was set up!

I wonder if it has something to do with me being active in promoting Firefox, or trying to warn people about Google Chrome being a keylogger. Who knows, and for that matter, who cares.

I know one thing, I have 5 lesser Google accounts that will be built up and we will help Google to spam their search engine with +1’s on inconvenient truths!

There is some good news in all of this, Google also banned a atheist and this did not affect the VizFact Dot Com Google Plus page. At least they have not not attacked it yet.


By: VizFact


 Why Ban A Google Plus Account ?

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