standard Are the Recent Shootings Planned and Connected?

If you are even a little connected to the world and the news, you have heard about the rash of recent shootings that have been sweeping the nation. From movie theaters and summer camps to our own streets, people have been cracking open their gun safes and unloading on their fellow man. What could be the reason behind such a serious increase in public shootings?

There are some who think that these shooters have been controlled and trained for these shootings and that these shooting are orchestrated for some nefarious purpose. The reason that so many people are starting to believe this is because these shooters are so well equipped when considering that they are all just average people with no former history of gun crimes.

These people have been given stock from the organizations own gun safes and some of them went full force with body armor and the most powerful weapons they can use without arousing suspicion.

What could the reason behind these massacres be? These could be orchestrated publicity stunts meant to act as platforms for politicians to show off their supposed humanity and appear as sympathetic, caring people just in time for election season to make sure that these ideas are cemented in our brains. There are others who think that this is a part of a ritual in which these people are to be blood sacrifices.

Still more are convinced that it is all coincidence and that we are just having a bit of bad luck. Are these people are raiding their gun safes to lash back against a society that is flawed and fetid or because they are just insane? Do you think that these more and more frequent shooting are really just a coincidence? Or, do you think that there is another reason for the dramatic number of shooting in just these last few months?


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  • Joni

    I personally think that satan is behind it. I believe that it is all his doing. It seems to go along with the increase in sex whether it be on our children or homosexuality or this whole transgender movement, basically anything that makes people doubt the Lord and that He has a plan for everyone. We seem to have been anesthetized. While we’ve been numb the devil has been conning folks all over. We need to wake up and jerk the wheel before this whole country goes down the drain. There is still time and hope everlasting. Study His Word. Pray for His purpose for your life to be revealed to you. And if you don’t believe, just try it, what could it hurt?? Maybe when no one is around and then they can’t judge you. I think you might be surprised. 🙂 Of course God loves you, bit do you love God? And if you do, you will keep His commandments.