standard Are Functional Printable Guns on the Horizon?

Wiki Weapons – Working Printable Guns


Have you heard of the Wiki Weapon Project?

Defense Distributed, located in Austin, TX, has undertaken a project to create a printable 3D firearm.

That might not sound so crazy until you realize their goal is to create a printable gun that actually WORKS.

They’ve already created a functional AR magazine using 3D printing technology, so it might not be such a far-fetched idea.

Defense Distributed has no intention of manufacturing firearms.  They want to create files that people could download to print their own gun.

Yes, this would be prohibitively expensive for most people, at least in the short-term, but who knows what may be possible in the future.

With all the talk of gun control measures, could this be a legitimate way to circumvent attempts to strip us of our Second Amendment rights?

There’s no telling what tomorrow may bring, but regardless of whether you approve or disapprove, you can’t deny how amazing it is that they’ve accomplished what they have thus far!


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Are Printable Guns the Future?

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