standard Anaheim Police Terrorize Crowd After Fatal Shooting

Anaheim Police Fire Upon Crowd with Rubber Bullets


Yesterday afternoon, police officers in Anaheim, CA, got into a violent altercation with bystanders following a police shooting that left one man dead.

Officers claim that the crowd was shouting and throwing bottles at them.

They responded by firing non-lethal rubber bullets into the crowd, which contained woman and children. Video footage of the incident also shows a woman being bitten by a police canine while she pushes her baby in a stroller.

Anaheim Police Sgt. Bob Dunn said that the dog somehow escaped the patrol car and was “deployed accidentally.”


Anaheim Police Fire Into Crowd:


Were the Anaheim police justified in either the violent altercation with the crowd or in the shooting that led up to it?

Or is this the type of unjustified brutality that we can expect to see more and more of as the U.S. sinks into a police state?

It’s impossible to tell from the video if the people in the crowd were getting rowdy prior to the time police fired upon them. It does appear that the K-9 officer was scrambling to catch the dog however, which could indicate that it may not have been unleashed intentionally.

Either way, I doubt the incident was justified. It seems that, in Anaheim at least, questioning officers over a fatal shooting is considered grounds for being fired upon with rubber bullets.

It’s important to remember that law enforcement officers are also considered “peace officers.” These days, that’s completely laughable, because most are anything but. More and more often, we’re seeing them initiate violence against unarmed, peaceful citizens and getting away with it.

And if these officers weren’t out of line, why have at least 4 people come forward saying that the police offered to buy their cell phone video of the incident from them?

The incident is under investigation.  In case you aren’t familiar with the lingo, that essentially means that the police are corroborating their stories to cover their asses.


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Anaheim Police Get Into Violent Altercation with Crowd

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