standard Air Jordan Stupidity To Challenge the Iphone Brainless at Greenspoint Mall

I can’t even turn on the news in peace without being barraged by what seems to be an endless array of silly data coming in the form of news from Fox 26 Houston.

The story they covered seems reminiscent of the brainless iPhone hordes piling up in front of the more than willing merchants of Apple’s latest over priced device made in China.

Well the suburbanites have met their match by way of urbanites clamoring for severely overpriced Air Jordans likely made by use of slave labor in some poor Asian country.

So let me get this right, we are going to get in line with thousands of other idiots, and wait to pay 200$ for sneakers worth less than twenty dollars?

Wow! I should start selling bridges or either a get a deal to import Chinese sneakers.

I will admit that me myself buying the Air Jordans is not a far fetched idea however, it isn’t important enough to justify me wasting my precious time by waiting in line at a store, that isn’t open yet. Just the thought is enough to make one die with a laughter disease. I wonder what the percentages are of people who will step in shit on the first they activate the kicks.

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