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The Team of Bloggers

Meet the personalities who make The VizFact Dot Com Network worthy of your time.

Melissa S.

Don’t let the heart warming smile fool you. This is a very dangerous woman of extreme consequence.

Biography:  Melissa is originally from a small town in PA. She recently relocated to an area of the country where (some) liberties are still recognized and respected….Houston, TX.

Her educational background includes a BS in computer studies (yes, the BS after her name is very appropriate), and a master’s in sarcasm, in which she has achieved high honors.

More importantly, Melissa is a master manipulator in training. She’s already dangerously skilled at twisting peoples’ words to suit her means, but aspires towards true greatness in the art. She is currently being mentored by the best in order to unleash her full potential.

Melissa has a lot of opinions, many of which are controversial. If she writes something you dislike or disagree with, then she’s done her job well. Usually when the majority disagrees with her, in the end, it turns out she was right.

Offending people is one of her great talents. Melissa doesn’t do it to be spiteful (usually). The truth just hurts, and most people can’t deal with blatant honesty. Her purpose is to give you plenty of that, so let the hate emails roll!

VizFact The Dude

VizFact is a fine, fine, damn fine gentleman and a pillar of the community.

Decorations: He has killed more people than all of the greatest people in history combined, while gaming online.

Biography: VizFact hails from Houston, TX. VizFact is a fine, fine, damn fine gentleman and a pillar of the community. VizFact was once observed giving gravity permission to persist. VizFact is greater than Chuck Norris. VizFact allows Chuck Norris to live.

VizFact’s political leanings dictate that Republicans are Democrats and many more political parties are needed.

VizFact believes that sex stinks very well and must be respected.

VizFact is a businessman, but more importantly, a man of high morals. If you are still reading this mini-biography then VizFact Dot Com has already guaranteed his championship of peace. Without you even noticing, and,… at no cost to you.

VizFact is “legally classified” as Black but spiritually classified as Godlike and formed in the image of his creator. VizFact will kick your sorry ass too, don’t forget about that. VizFact does not take ass whippings from anyone.

VizFact is wise, because he thinks.

Bio 3

It could be you!

If you would like to contribute to the VizFact Dot Com Network in anyway don’t be indecisive, take advantage of the contact form and let us know.

We need you, and who knows, you might just need us. There could be money involved for you too if that’s your thing, but if you want to share your opinion on current happenings in the real world and you can write a 350 word topical essay on a middle school level (at bare minimum) then you have found a home!


Git at us!

(If you cannot define the word articulate, or have an idea what it means, then don’t come back to the blog. You aren’t qualified to read the blog.)

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