Bloggers Wanted

Are you articulate?

If you have the ability to simply speak your mind, and can communicate those ideas in a way that would be compelling to our readers, then you may have what it takes. Being articulate and versatile whilst having a way with words is a staple of for any blogger. If you do not possess this talent then we may have another way for you to be a member of the our team. We are looking for people to post pictures and videos. Anyone can participate with our project.

Up on Current Events or Have A Favorite Topic?

If you are a car enthusiast, love to follow celebs, or if you want to publish your own political commentary, we want you on our team. VizFact Dot Com is a voice for whoever wants to use it. The High Admin leans hard right politically, but really doesn’t care what’s posted to the network as long as it embodies quality, doesn’t waste anyone’s life, and serves a purpose.

This is a Lifetime Project

We don’t do tryouts, passersby, questioners, inquirers, and you people who tend to have been born to waste other people’s time. If you want to join a small team of web publishers, learn a few things, and maybe make some money along the way, join us. The money is non existent right now so this isn’t something you can expect to get paid from in the beginning, so you have to have fun posting stuff to the web. That’s what VizFact Dot Com is all about, posting stuff to the web.

It’s rewarding to post stuff, and your opinions, to the web!

If you are remotely reliable and feel that you’re up for the challenge of working with us (and make no mistake, we CAN be a challenge), please drop us a line by sending us a message using the contact form. Constructive criticism and suggestions are part of the process, so timid, thin-skinned, and overly sensitive people need not apply.  We already have one too many of those on the team. 😉

Learn to Speak Web

Don’t worry, you will be educated about how the interwebs work, how to drive website traffic, build followings, and how to publish quality content that will be seen. If you are willing you are able. You can learn a lot from a dummie and believe you me, we have become geniuses at the expense of dumb asses. We got skills and are willing to share. We teach you long time.

Our Network Earns Money

We are not making tons of money right now. We’re working on it and when it becomes bankable, we’ll share. We’ve received a few bank deposits since we’ve been at it. You could get some too.


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