About VizFact Dot Com

VizFact.com is a media source featuring raw untamed opinions about issues of the day, as well as whatever the publishing team wants to post. We know no bounds and will publish almost anything. We believe focusing on one topic is inherently lame, so we will cover any subject we feel like writing about.

This is page is out of date, and needs to be updated.

The Beginning

In the beginning, July 2011, there was only VizFact, then others wanted to join the blog team. The original idea was to just post interesting stuff to the web. Since launch, the website has been structured into a number of sub-domains dedicated to a specific format for their corresponding topics. For more information, and an overview of the VizFact Dot Com Network click here.


The Mission

The mission of the VizFact Dot Com Network is to spur critical thought and to engage the mass populace with new ideas. Our mission is also to teach the concept of freedom and to introduce new critical thought patterns to the world. We believe that embracing disagreement is the fundamental foundation for advanced, open-minded thinking. We share a passion for life in general, adding culture to and teaching freedom, loving the  concepts of freedom, and pursuing life, liberty, and happiness.