standard A Race War is Brewing (Video)

Is a Race War on the Horizon?


Is the Trayvon Martin case being used as an excuse to incite a violent race war?

New Black Panther Party logoThe video below seems to indicate as much.  Something serious is brewing, and the New Black Panther Party is right at the heart of it.

They’re making dangerous threats and getting away with it.

Those who think that only white people can be racist are fools, and need to watch this.

The New Black Panther Party is using the Martin case to justify a race war and violence against Caucasians because of their skin color….and they aren’t even trying to sugar coat it.

Wake up people and see what’s really happening here.  If a violent race war occurs, it will give Obama the perfect excuse to declare martial law.

That will enable him to suspend the elections, and put the NDAA into action.

It’s just all too convenient that this is happening only months before election day.

Everyone needs to watch this, and realize what’s going on.

During a perilous time when we desperately need to band together, they are trying to divide us through hate.

What better way to distract us from the real issues in this country than to turn us against each other?


Comments from the NBPP About a Race War:


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A Race War is Brewing

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