standard A Pitiful Pathetic Win,Texans Couldn’t Have Done It Without The Jets

A Pitiful Win


The Houston Texans Secondary still looks like the same pathetic, underachieving, bunch of rejects as they did last year.


Who cares if it was just a preseason NFL game, really who cares?


Its the same disgusting look, 40 seconds left in the game and the opposing team is driving with no resistance. (All while missing open field tackles on the back-up quarterback, I counted 4.)


I mean, a Jets receiver even touched the ball with both hands in the end zone (how could this be allowed to happen?) @ at Reliant Stadium with just a few seconds left in the game, had he caught that ball, we’d be finished. A fine tradition being upheld here people, take notice.


Pitiful and sad.


Is this the best Wade Phillips can do for our defense? Huh!?


Are we to expect this same half assed effort in the future? (yes)

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