standard San Francisco 49ers Destroy New Orleans Saints

San Francisco 49ers Destroy New Orleans Saints

This was a football game for the ages.

A lovely and highly competitive game that made all the so called experts look silly.

It had been said that there is no way they would combine for over 50 points and they did, even with both defenses playing very well in my opinion.

Go Niners!

I like the New Orleans Saints, but something about rooting for the underdog lights up my spirit so I was all in, rooting for the San Francisco 49ers.

The play that sealed the deal was the mid air, in coverage, hovering over the end-zone line with a handful of seconds left, ninja catch by (I don’t know his name yet) Vernon Davis, thrown by Alex Smith that would not be denied.

A thing of beauty.

Final Score: 36-32, Niners

Now for the Houston Texans to eat up Baltimore!

San Francisco 49ers Destroy New Orleans Saints

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  • Marciagipson30

    Not cool man bashing the saints like that. How can you say you like them then talk down on them. Underdog my butt. The Saints have been the underdog for years until they won one superbowl. If there are any true Saints fans out there and I know they are out there. They don’t’ jump ship when they lose. The Saints will be back next year and they will win another one.