standard 2 Hours of My Life Wasted on the Fox News Debates

Life Wasted on The Fox News GOP Debates

After seeing the clowns in the crowd in South Carolina boo the Golden Rule last night on the Fox News Republican Debates I can see that America is like a lost child in the wilderness with a flying elephant’s chance of being rescued.

Basically, Ron Paul was saying that we shouldn’t do to others what we don’t want done to us, and they booed his ass. Sad.



They Hate on Ron Paul, Again

Then in this clip they damn near refused to give Ron Paul all the love he deserved for kicking the rest of the Presidential Candidates’ ass in the eyes of the Twitter crowd.


This pathetic little teleprompter reader of a poll-shower-off’er was clearly kissing Newt Gingrich‘s ass.

Yep, this is the same media that you allow to help form your opinions.

I wonder if I just watching the debates to see them hate on Ron Paul. Well, one thing is for sure, he got plenty of air time. He needs to take a queue from Rick Perry and work on not bungling his responses.

Ron Paul needs some of that Mitt Romney style pimp talk training to smooth things over with the skanks in the audience.

By: VizFact

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